Health Division

The Division of Health is the Public Health agency for the City of Elizabeth and provides public activities as outlined in the Public Health Practice Standards for Local Boards of Health in New Jersey NJAC 8:52. Our role is to prevent the spread of disease, death in disability within the city of Elizabeth to both residents and visitors. This Division encompasses Environmental Health, Public Health Nursing, Division of Health and Housing, Animal Control Program, the Office of Vital Statistics, and the Dental Clinics.

  1. Calisa Mitchell

    Phone: 908-820-4730

  1. Christina Nieves

    Phone: 908-820-4208

  1. Hajja Abdur-Rahman

    Phone: 908-820-4064

  1. Hassan Abdur-Rahman

    Phone: 908-820-4059

  1. Ida Jane Mazza

    Phone: 908-820-4056

  1. Johnny Nieves

    Phone: 908-820-4061

  1. Linda McConneyhead

    Phone: 908-820-4107

  1. Lisa Hernandez Dilollo

    Phone: 908-820-4729

  1. Mark Colicchio

    Health Officer
    Phone: 908-820-4089

  1. Maurice Booker

    Phone: 908-820-4179

  1. Paola Moreno

    Phone: 908-820-4204

  1. Patricia Marroquin

    Phone: 908-820-4034

  1. Ryan Passos

    Phone: 908-820-4063

  1. Sergio Granados

    Phone: 908-820-4113

  1. William Alston

    Phone: 908-820-4202

  1. Yaramo Soumaora

    Phone: 908-820-4018