Health and Housing Division

The purpose of the health and housing division is to enforce the health and housing codes of the City Of Elizabeth by establishing minimum standards for housing units & facilities. Ensuring that premises are safe sanitary and habitable to the people of the city. 

Housing and Health is charged with investigating complaints relating to quality of life and housing safety issues in the City of Elizabeth. This program is divided into two parts which are the Housing Division and Public Health Investigating Program. The Housing Division focuses more on the structural and safety issues while the Public Health issues are handled by the Public Health Investigative program. Please note that both of these programs handle many of the same type of complaints and work together to protect the residents of Elizabeth. The primary goal of not just the Housing Program but the total Health Division is to prevent the spread of disease, disability, and death. 

What Do We Service

Ways this program achieves this goal is respond to complaints within a 24-hour period unless the issue is emergent to which immediate response is given and a determination made.

Some of the aspects of this program include the following:

  • Abatement Process
  • Emergency abatements
  • HOPWA Inspections
  • Lead Inspections
  • Mosquito Surveillance Plan
  • Rooming House Inspections
  • Routine and emergency complaint investigations
  • Unfit Housing
  1. Calisa Mitchell

    Phone: 908-820-4730

  1. Christina Nieves

    Phone: 908-820-4208

  1. Hajja Abdur-Rahman

    Phone: 908-820-4064

  1. Hassan Abdur-Rahman

    Phone: 908-820-4059

  1. Ida Jane Mazza

    Phone: 908-820-4056

  1. Johnny Nieves

    Phone: 908-820-4061

  1. Linda McConneyhead

    Phone: 908-820-4107

  1. Lisa Dilollo Hernandez

    Phone: 908-820-4729

  1. Patricia Marroquin

    Phone: 908-820-4034

  1. Ryan Passos

    Phone: 908-820-4063

  1. Sergio Granados

    Phone: 908-820-4113

  1. William Alston

    Phone: 908-820-4202

  1. Yaramo Soumaora

    Phone: 908-820-4018

  1. Kevin Pierre

    Phone: 908-820-4065

  1. Rodney Price

    Phone: 908-820-4057

  1. Nicole Matos

    Phone: 908-820-4088

  1. Iris Ramos

    Phone: 908-820-4062

  1. School #1 Dental Clinic

    Phone: 908-436-5565

  1. School #3 Dental Clinic

    Phone: 908-436-6226

  1. Margarita Jesus

    Phone: 908-820-4070

  1. Health Spare

    Phone: 908-820-4204