Office on Youth

The Office on Youth Services promotes youth development, improves the conditions for children, and identifies resources within the community. The Office on Youth Services also encourages support strategies to allow children/youth to recognize their highest potential, promote continuous collaboration with community groups and agencies. The Office on Youth assist in establishing and expanding programs and services for the youth and encourage them to be contributing members within their communities. The Office on Youth Services serves as a central point of information in Elizabeth for youth related issues.

  1. Donald Johnson

    Phone: 908-820-4032

  2. Mariah Martinez

    Phone: 908-820-4051

  3. Health Spare

    Phone: 908-820-4028

 Johnson's CareerDonald Johnson

Born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Donald Johnson is an influential, well respected mentor, coach and role model. Donald began his career as an athlete and has successfully transferred important skills and life lessons learned on the court to his professional career as Supervisor for the Office of Youth Services for the City of Elizabeth. Donald’s athletic and professional achievements exemplify his exceptional leadership skills and showcase his commitment to the enrichment and success of Elizabeth youth. He is personally committed to the success, empowerment, and education of Elizabeth youth. 

Involvement with Youth Services

Donald is intimately involved in the programs sponsored by the Office of Youth Services. These programs provide a stable foundation to help Elizabeth youth set important goals and provide unique resources and opportunities that actually help them achieve their goals. Throughout his time with the City of Elizabeth, Donald has formed partnerships with various organizations including:

  • Bayway Family Success Center
  • Elizabeth Avenue Partnerships
  • Elizabeth Recreation Department
  • Gateway Family YMCA
  • Kean University
  • Prevention Links
  • Union County College