Human Services

The mission of the City of Elizabeth Division Human Services is to enhance the health and well-being of all residents, by providing for effective social services by fostering sound, sustainable assistance in the areas of housing, public health and social services.

Rental Assistance

The City of Elizabeth, provides a one-time only, up to $1000 Security Deposit, 1 month of back rent, or 1st month rent. Available to City of Elizabeth residents only. Provided that any balances all are paid first and the following requirements are met: proof of residency, proof of sustainable income, valid government or municipal identification, and valid lease.

Indigent Burial

The City of Elizabeth will pay $1000 for the burial of a resident, when no other funds are available. Requests are only processed through the Funeral Home.

Indigent Prescription

The City of Elizabeth will provide a 1 time only, free prescription to Elizabeth Residents who are in the process of applying for medical insurance, or do not have any medical insurance and are under-insured. Must have original script. Proof of residency is required, Valid identification and Social Security Card