The Department of Administration consists of the office of Business Administrator and divisions of Employee Benefits, Information Technology, Personnel, Public Information, Purchasing, Rent Control, and Weights and Measures. 


Under the direction and supervision of the Mayor, the Business Administrator:

  • Assists the mayor in the preparation of the city budget.
  • Supervises the administration of each of the departments of the city government; provided that with respect to the department of law or department of finance, the authority of the business administrator under this subsection shall extend only to matters of budgeting, personnel and purchasing.
  • Prescribes and enforce rules and regulations for the efficient management of the city government, subject to the charter and administrative code.
  • Develops and enforce sound purchasing and personnel practices and procedures for all departments, offices and agencies of the city government.
  • Coordinates the operation and administration of the various departments, divisions, offices and agencies of the city government.
  • Maintains a continuing review and analysis of budget operations, work programs and costs of municipal services.
  1. Bridget S. Anderson

    Business Administrator

  1. Bruno Parente

  1. Maria Arcieri

  1. Darren Bryden

  1. Marie Krupinski

  1. Fatima Medina