Cannabis Local License

Interested in starting a Cannabis Business in the City of Elizabeth? Please use the information provided to guide you through the steps needed to obtain a City of Elizabeth Cannabis Business License.

There is no cap to the maximum number of licenses permitted in the City of Elizabeth. Instead, the City of Elizabeth is regulating the location and proximity of Cannabis Establishments and Distributors through zoning. See link for the cannabis zoning area. 

State-licensed businesses that can legally sell, manufacture, and / or distribute cannabis, under the Cannabis Regulatory Commission guidelines, must meet local land use regulations governing where a cannabis establishment may operate. 

Apply for a zoning permit to confirm that cannabis a permitted use at the location you chose. Please see the Cannabis Overlay Zones or use this link for zoning determination. 

You will also find the City’s Cannabis Application Ordinance, Cannabis Zoning Ordinance, and the Cannabis License Application.

On page 1 of the Cannabis License Application, you will find the instructions for the application. There are three sections that each require the submission of various documents. The Release Authorization, Waiver of Liability, and Affidavit must be executed by every shareholder and corporate level executive.

All applications submitted to the City of Elizabeth shall include 5 printed copies, a digital copy on a flash drive, and an application fee of $1,000, certified check, money order or cash. All applications should be submitted to the following location:

City of Elizabeth

c/o Central Licensing Bureau

50 Winfield Scott Plaza

Elizabeth, NJ 07201

Any questions regarding the application process should be emailed to