Request an Inspection

Requests for inspection must be done in person at:
Elizabeth Fire Prevention Bureau
411 Irvington Avenue
Suite 301
Elizabeth NJ, 07208
Phone: 908-820-4040
Fax: 908-629-0292

Application Requirements

The following is information that is needed when completing the application:

  1. Address Where the Inspection Is Needed
  2. Block and Lot Number
  3. Expected Closing Date
  4. Name of Responsible Party
  5. Telephone Number of Responsible Party
  6. Type of Dwelling

Important Information

  • All inspections must be cancelled within 24 hours prior to the inspection date and time.
  • All transactions are non-refundable
  • No inspection will be moved to a sooner date then what was requested.
  • No inspection will occur past the closing date.
  • If the premise does not comply with any and/or all of the requirements listed, it will not pass the inspection and the applicant will not receive a certificate of approval. The representative will have to reschedule and re-apply for a new inspection date and will be required to pay an additional fee.
  • If for any reason the fire inspector has to return to a premise due to a missed appointment by the owner and/or representative or any other reason caused by the property representative, a new appointment must be scheduled and an additional fee will be charged.