Fire Safety Tips

Barbecue Safety Tips

Grills should always be used by an adult and monitored at all times. Unattended grills used in a hazardous location can lead to a serious fire. The following tips will help ensure a safe barbecuing season.

  1. Propane Grills
  2. Natural Gas Grills
  3. Charcoal Grills
  4. Electric Grills
  5. Pellet Grills

* Propane is heavier than air. Leaking propane will seek a low point. Store propane cylinders away from the house and all door and window openings. Never store propane inside a structure or in direct sunlight. A leaking cylinder should be moved to an open space area. 

* If a propane cylinder is involved in fire call 911 immediately and evacuate the area. Flame impingement on the vapor space of the tank may result in an explosion.

* If you smell propane immediately shut off the valve on the cylinder and recheck connections before using. A soapy water solution sprayed onto the connections is an effective way to check for leaks.

*Never use a barbecue grill while it is up against the house or deck. A fire on the grill can rapidly communicate to the house. This is extremely important with vinyl sided homes. Vinyl siding melts and burns rapidly. Vinyl sided houses can catch fire even if the grill is not against the house. A minimum of 10' from a deck or house is recommended.