Our History

In 1664, a group of Englishmen formed the Elizabethtown Associates and purchased a land area west of Newark Bay, including the area of current day Elizabeth.

Elizabethtown, named in honor of the wife of Sir George Carteret, was established on the banks of the Elizabeth River. Elizabethtown thrived with a population of 700 and the City became the first capital of New Jersey.

Famous People from the City of Elizabeth

From the days of Elizabeth's founding, great men have walked the City's streets. Alexander Hamilton called Elizabeth home for a time during his youth and George Washington came here en route to New York to be sworn in as the first President of the United States in 1789. Elizabeth's proud history can be seen in the numerous memorials, historic sites, and statues that dot the City's landscape. 

The following people were also known to be born in Elizabeth! 

  1. Elizabeth Peña
  2. Judy Blume
  3. William F. Halsey
  4. Debralee Scott
  5. Valerie Cruz
  6. Thomas Mitchell
  7. Daniel Hugh Kelly
  8. Kate Jennings Grant
  9. Luis Da Silva Jr.
  10. Marisa Petroro
  11. Malinda Williams
  12. Wesley Taylor
  13. R. Marcus Taylor
  14. Joan Carroll
  15. Ron Karabatsos
  16. Beth McCarthy-Miller
  17. Kim Yates
  18. Margaret Josephs
  19. Tom Colicchio
  20. Jon Rua
  21. John Morris
  22. JIm Gordon 
  23. Mark Bailey
  24. Mark Nistico
  25. Robert Tisdale
  26. Marsha P. Johnson
  27. William Nunez
  28. Alex Koba
  29. James Cusumano
  30. Camille Becerra
  31. Eric Christie