The Bureau of Construction oversees all construction within the City.  We help the public through the entire permitting process to ensure that all projects are reviewed for compliance with the Uniform Construction Code and inspected for safety.  We also maintain records as required by State law and perform enforcement activities as necessary.

The Zoning officers oversees all the Land Use Enforcement Chapter 17 of the City of Elizabeth.  

We also provide the following services:

  1. Plan Review for new construction
  1. Zoning Reviews- new fence, shed, addition ect. 
  1. Zoning Verifications
  1. Outdoor Dining/Sidewalk Café permits
  1. Short Term Rental Inspections
  1. Certificate of Resale 

Apply online through GovPilot for the following forms:

  • Certificate of Continued Occupancy
  • Smoke Detector Form
  • Dumpster Permit Application
  • Sidewalk Cafe
  • Zoning Application
  • Public Pole Replacement 
  • Short Term Rental

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